Credit Cards News for July, 2010

Spending up, American Express benefits

Governments everywhere are monitoring economic signals very closely for signs that their economies are reliably crawling out of recession. But every time politicians go on the record to extort column inches conveying positive news, you can be sure that the next day there’s some hard evidence that if an economic recovery is underway, it’s still […]

24th July 2010

Stop money leaking from your accounts & credit cards

In recent years the best credit card companies have been making it easier and easier for us to pay our regular monthly commitments using our credit cards. Indeed they’re been actively trying to push into the commercial market occupied by the Direct Debit system. For many people, paying regular commitments via credit card is useful […]

20th July 2010

Off on holiday? consider prepaid credit cards!

The most innovative and socially responsible financial product of the last decade has come of age as finally there are prepaid credit cards out there that seriously undercut the overseas charges levied by their “real” credit card counterparts. This time a year ago the best of the UK prepaid credit cards reduced their charges for […]

15th July 2010

Should you close old credit card accounts?

We’re bombarded on a daily basis by a UK media that says it frowns upon credit card debt, and that wags a finger in our faces at even the thought of using credit cards to spread the cost of goods or services we can’t quite afford. It’s fair to say that there are cheaper ways […]

10th July 2010

UK living costs at least £14,400

Low earners are still struggling to achieve a minimum standard of living as costs continue to rise despite universal pressure on wages and benefits. The highly influential Joseph Roundtree Foundation (JRF) has published its annual update on the public’s opinion on what people need to earn to achieve a socially acceptable standard of living. Despite […]

7th July 2010

Identity Theft Concerns at Summer Festivals

Somerset Police were quick to release figures this week showing a drop in the crime statistics from this year’s (2010) Glastonbury Music Festival. There were just 343 crimes reported against 363 in 2009, arrests were also down at 112 compared to 138 last year. The figures look particularly good when you take into account that […]

3rd July 2010
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