Credit Cards News for August, 2010

Credit Cards – Be Aware!

As we draw towards the end of the summer recess, David Cameron must be viewing his return to work with some trepidation. Over the coming weeks, the announcement of tens of thousands of redundancies in the public sector will likely see his popularity rating fall as fast as any prime minister in British history. For […]

24th August 2010

Credit Card Fraud Warning

The world of organised credit card fraud suffered a crashing blow last week when Vladislav Horohorin was finally arrested in Nice. Horohorin, 27, a citizen of Ukraine and Israel, has been described by American officials as “one the worlds most prolific sellers of stolen credit card online data”. He was indicted in the USA in […]

18th August 2010

US Credit Cards no longer work reliably in Europe

It was 20th Century Irish Playwright George Bernard Shaw who said “England and America, two countries separated by a common language”. Also it seems by something you wouldn’t immediately think of, their systems for processing credit cards. This summer lots of our American cousins are really having a problem paying their bills when they travel […]

2nd August 2010
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