Credit Cards News for September, 2010

Councils under fire on credit card rip off

In a worrying trend started during the credit crunch by airlines and holiday companies, some local authorities are now adding up to 3% to their bills for services if customers chose to settle by credit card. Recent ‘Freedom of Information’ requests by the consumer’s champion Which? turned up at least 55 councils making credit card […]

28th September 2010

Positive Payment Order Affects Card Market

The move to Positive Payment Order is shaping the way products are structured in the credit card industry and this week the market leaders tweaked their offerings to try to stay at the top of our comparison tables. The UK credit card industry is undergoing radical changes at the end of the year with five […]

18th September 2010

American Express, take a look if you travel

On this day 47 years ago American Express opened its doors for business for the first time in the UK. Holders of the newly issued charge cards could use them to settle their bills in nearly 3000 shops, restaurants and car hire companies in the UK. They could also use them to buy travel tickets. […]

10th September 2010

Setting off to Credit Cards a growing problem

High Street Banks are accused by the Citizens Advice Bureau of leaving some customers in “dire poverty” after moving money between their accounts without notice, discussion or permission. Most ordinary folk would think that if someone took money from their bank account without their express permission, it would be illegal. It appears Banks and Financial […]

7th September 2010
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