Credit Cards News for October, 2010

Credit Card Fraud October Update

Replicas of the latest systems designed to protect your credit cards online are being used by fraudsters to mimic the credit card issuers own security systems and to steal card holders personal information. The best credit card security verification systems of ‘MasterCard SecureCode’ and ‘Verified by VISA’ manage the enhanced ‘2nd layer’ security of some […]

26th October 2010

New OFT warning on debt write off companies

If you’re looking to compare credit cards this week, there’s been a shift in the positions at the top of our balance transfer credit card tables as a result of the relaunch of a number of MBNA’s products. Also with some autumn turbulence in the credit card industry over the gradual move towards ‘positive payment […]

16th October 2010

Make your credit cards sweat whilst you can

If you’re one of the 30% of people who pay off your credit card balance in full just before the due date, and you’re careful to avoid cards with an annual fee, I bet you compare credit cards every month and think you’ve got one up on the credit card companies! There’s nothing wrong with […]

14th October 2010

Credit Card Rate Gap Uncovered

The Bank of England (BoE) has kept interest rates on hold for the 18th month in a row, but the interest rates charged by credit card companies continue to rise. In fact the BoE base rate, the key interest rate that most affects savers and borrowers, has gone down in the last 2 years but […]

1st October 2010
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