Credit Cards News for April, 2011

How much for an invitation to the Royal Wedding?

As final details of the Royal Wedding program were published this morning, Prince William and Catherine Middleton must be marvelling at some of the funnier and more off beat activities that are occurring all over the world as a result of their impending nuptials. As wedding planners ‘stateside’ bill our Royal Wedding tomorrow as the […]

28th April 2011

Big PPI ruling due today

(In an update to this story, the BBA has lost the case, but could appeal. Read the BBC’s comment on the ruling. You can also read the full wording of the Judgement here by Mr Justice Ouselely.) It’s a big day for the largest misselling scam yet uncovered in the UK financial services industry. The […]

20th April 2011

Halifax credit card link to BoE

There’s dire news on the horizon for credit card holders this week as the Halifax Bank of Scotland (HBOS) became the first major lender to announce that it will be linking the interest rates of its credit cards to the Bank of England base rate. The move is part of a complete restructuring in the […]

15th April 2011
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