Credit Cards News for November, 2011

Avoid ‘anchoring’ yourself to prolonged credit card debt

We love our credit cards in the UK. Second only to our cousins on the other side of the ‘Pond’ in terms of credit card expenditure, many Brits think nothing of piling on the ‘buy now, pay later’ debt. But as long as you pay the minimum payment every month, you’re gradually chipping away at […]

30th November 2011

Christmas shoppers continue to shun credit

With the Prime Minister’s Office busy lowering everyone’s expectations in advance of next Tuesday’s Autumn Statement by the Chancellor George Osborne, it’s hard to pick up a newspaper or look at the TV without running headlong into more and more depressing economic news. Evidence suggests that Osborne will announce substantially higher future Government borrowing needs […]

24th November 2011

Northern Rock goes to Virgin

Northern Rock plc has today been sold to Virgin Money, the retail banking arm of Richard Branson’s Virgin empire for £747 million. Northern Rock was the first financial institution to be partly nationalised following its near collapse in 2007, and its return to the private sector in some way marks the real beginning of the […]

17th November 2011

Store cards redundant as consumers save to buy

New figures out from the Finance & Leasing Association (FLA) indicate a positive rise in consumer lending in the year to August, but the association is quick to point out that it doesn’t believe this indicates any kind of sustainable recovery for the credit industry. The FLA, a trade body that represents finance houses in […]

1st November 2011
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