Credit Cards News for December, 2011

Chancellor to axe rip-off credit card surcharging

In a carefully timed move designed to gain maximum brownie points for the Government over the Christmas holiday, the Treasury has announced that it’s to force retailers to scrap the universally despised credit card surcharges that are spreading to all areas of retailing. In a year where many consumer bodies as well as journalists have […]

23rd December 2011

7 days to go, which is more full, you or your credit card?

Looking toned in your tux, dazzling in your little black dress! When we’re already feeling uncomfortable about the amount of mince pies and Christmas cake we’ve managed to consume in the last 2 weeks, just to really make us feel guilty this week the media is crammed with pre-Xmas wonder diets. If we could be […]

17th December 2011

Beat inflation with the latest credit cards

If there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to have an eroding effect on your standard of living, it’s inflation. Whilst the monthly reports from the Bank of England may seem just distant numbers relevant only to the Square Mile’s bankers, inflation actually has a major impact on the cost of everything from the bread for your […]

12th December 2011
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