Credit Cards News for January, 2012

Are we doomed to wander the corridors of austerity for another decade?

Depressing news from consultancy company McKinsey suggests that our love affair with our credit cards could cost us all dearly for at least another 10 years. Britain now has the second highest level of debt among all the major global economies. The only country statistically worse off than the UK is Japan. In the past […]

26th January 2012

Credit card usage up in January 2012

After the flurry of retail excitement over the Christmas period, it seems that more people than ever will be relying on their credit cards to carry them through the chilly doldrums of January. In its fifth annual outing, the Post Office Consumer Credit Report predicts that more than a third of credit card holders will […]

23rd January 2012

Destination Europe for UK holidaymakers

A plummeting Euro and tighter budgets on the home front could mean that our European neighbours win the hearts and minds of the UK holidaymakers in 2012. A survey by Post Office Travel Money suggests that this year, destination choice will be based purely on affordability rather than aspiration. And thanks to a strong pound […]

19th January 2012

Credits card companies benefit from new technology

The UK is home to some of the most incredible technological inventions of the 20th and 21st Centuries. The Internet, in all its many wondrous forms, was a distinctly ‘British’ invention, and we Brits love our technology. Now, those habits are transforming the way we shop, according to a survey on global shopping habits by […]

16th January 2012

Credit card fraud still rife in the corridors of power

Following requests made under the Freedom of Information Act, it appears that dozens of council employees and civil servants have been formally reprimanded, disciplined and some even jailed for misusing Government credit cards. Proving that credit card fraud doesn’t just happen online or is only perpetuated by criminal gangs, hundreds of Government employees have been […]

9th January 2012

Credit card insurer under investigation by FSA

Identity theft is a constant concern for online shopping consumers. For some time, credit card issuers and banks have relied on one organisation – CPP – to help reassure their customers that their details were safe, and if there was a problem with fraudsters taking over their identity, they wouldn’t suffer a financial loss. But […]

1st January 2012
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