Credit Cards News for February, 2012

Cutting off the charity card line

With charitable donations at an all time low, some major charities have received a further blow with the news that several credit card houses have decided to cease to issue and underwrite charity affiliated credit cards. Halifax and the Bank of Scotland’s charity credit cards will be withdrawn at the end of February, effectively ending […]

27th February 2012

Too much month left at the end of your money?

There are further indications that the squeeze on take-home pay is getting ever tighter in a new report claiming that the average British worker is financially broke just 17 days after being paid. The study, carried out by UK banking chain Halifax, highlights the nightmare that faces cash-strapped wage earners, and explains the rise in […]

25th February 2012

Refused a credit card? Don’t take no for an answer!

You’ve paid all your bills on time, you think you’ve built up a good credit record and you think you’d be a prime candidate for a new credit card. But – can you believe it? The lender turns you down! Is it your fault? Did you inadvertently chalk up a late payment on your council […]

17th February 2012

What damage is your child doing to your credit card?

Its common knowledge that having kids is an expensive lifestyle choice. But a recent report commissioned by insurer LV and compiled by the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) has put a terrifying number on the table that’s bound to send parents scurrying for the hills. According to the CEBR, one child will cost […]

11th February 2012

Virgin gets serious about banking

Glossy adverts, a new and instantly identifiable moniker, a 40-year track record and a commitment to excellence – can Virgin Money live up to all the hype? The newest kid on the financial block has re-launched itself onto the high street banking market, with a charter committed to ‘better banking’ (whatever that may mean). But […]

7th February 2012

Are you excluded from the top credit card offers?

This time of year traditionally brings a plethora of 0% balance transfer deals from the major credit card providers. It’s a smart way to manage an outstanding debt and ensure that you’re not just paying a fortune in interest rates and making no inroads into your actual debt. But there’s a sting in the tail […]

2nd February 2012
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