Credit Cards News for April, 2012

Never look a gift card in the mouth…

It appears that there are millions of pounds worth of gifts going unclaimed, according to a recent report by the BBC’s respected Moneybox program. Store and credit card gift cards are often seen as an ‘easy option’ for those last minute presents or when you simply don’t know what to get Aunt Nora for her […]

20th April 2012

Want an Easter break? Where can you get the best value for money?

The recent budget has admittedly left some people smiling but considerably larger numbers of people are reeling in despair from the dramatic changes in working tax credits, child benefit and pensions. According to an analysis by accountants PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) nearly 400,000 middle-class professionals and white collar workers will lose hundreds of pounds a year as […]

6th April 2012

URGENT warning, banks closing ISA deadline early!

If you’re a saver looking to maximise your personal ISA allowance (currently £10,680 for the 2011/2012 tax year) before the 5th April 2012 deadline you need to quickly check with the institution that you save with on what their actual company deadline is. Officially banks and building societies are supposed to receive customers ISA funds […]

2nd April 2012
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