Credit Cards News for May, 2012

Don’t waste you holiday money on credit card fees!

A report in a national newspaper has suggested that British holidaymakers are wasting more than £500million a year of their hard-earned holiday money on credit card fees. The holiday season is almost upon us and a great Pound/Euro exchange rate is making a last-minute flight to Spain seem very tempting. But The Mirror has suggested […]

30th May 2012

Are you missing out on tax-free interest?

ISA’s have been with us for a while now, but it seems that people still don’t quite understand how to make the most of their investment or their money. Savers could be missing out on a colossal £242million a year of tax-free interest, purely because they leave cash that could be converted over into an […]

22nd May 2012

Credit cards or loans – which is better?

It’s official. We’re apparently in a ‘double-dip’ recession and even though it’s being reported as only a ‘technical’ recession as opposed to a ‘real’ one, is now really the time to be thinking about taking out a loan? And wouldn’t a better idea be to put those essential purchases onto a 0% on purchases credit […]

10th May 2012

Are your credit card details for sale to the highest bidder?

Dozens of websites offering the personal details of credit card holders for sale to the highest bidder have been shut down in an international Police operation. The UK’s Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) has reported that raids in countries as far away as Australia and the USA, as well as across the UK and Europe […]

3rd May 2012
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