Credit Cards News for August, 2012

Would you credit it?

A decade or so ago it would have been unthinkable for the consumer to place a large purchase, such as a car, on a credit card. Credit cards were accused of leading users into ever-increasing circles of debt with quickly escalating interest rates. Sensible consumers were conditioned to trundle off to the High Street banks […]

28th August 2012

EU Competition Commission warns VISA over credit card fees

Following repeated rumblings that it would take action in the past few months, the EU Competition Commission has formally warned VISA Europe that it may be in contravention of EU anti-trust regulations over its merchant fees for international credit card payments. (read more in the EU CC’s press release on the Official websites of the […]

15th August 2012

Strapped for cash Britons turning to credit cards that offer rewards

In these difficult economic times, most people are looking for ways to save money and make their weekly and monthly budgets stretch further. And according to recent research by American Express credit cards, one way they are choosing to do this is by using credit cards that offer rewards. The survey of UK consumers revealed […]

10th August 2012

Online Fraud Increasing – How to Protect your Credit Cards

Since the first days of online shopping and banking, identity theft and online credit card fraud have been a problem. Unfortunately, whilst the authorities, card issuers and the ecommerce industry work tirelessly to prevent online fraud, the fraudsters themselves are equally industrious in their illegal search for your online details. According to the 2012 Fraud […]

3rd August 2012
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