Black Credit Cards

Our favourite for November

For a complete range of luxury benefits

NatWest Black Credit Card
  • No balance transfer fee
  • 1.25 NatWest YourPoints for each £ spent
  • 24/7 Concierge Service
  • Travel Ins & Airport Lounge Access
  • Roadside Assistance

Representative APR 19.7%

Also consider

Dynamic Black Card

Virgin Atlantic Black Amex & Visa
  • 2 Flying Club Miles for every £ spent
  • 4 Flying Club Miles per £ of Virgin spend
  • 0% on B Transfers for 6 mths, 2% fee
  • 6,000 Flying Club miles on 1st purchase
  • Now with dual cards, Amex and Visa

Representative APR 52.1% inc. annual fee

Black Credit Cards Guide

Black Credit Cards are one of the most sought after status symbols of our time; if your Platinum or Gold credit card seems to have lost some of its initial sheen or no longer matches up to your social aspirations, may be you should look at Black Credit Cards to see what’s on offer.

Once just the hallowed turf of pop stars, tycoons, celebrities and oligarchs, maybe you too can be the proud possessor of the ultimate social appendage, the Black Card. Like all credit cards, Black Credit Cards have their good points, and things you need to watch out for, and so here’s the facts you need to consider.

Black Credit Cards are so exclusive that until recently card issuers would only accept applications from existing customers with a good track record on their more mundane cards. Some card issuers advertise their Black Credit Cards as “by invitation only”.

However, the resetting of everyone’s values caused by the credit crunch has meant that the ‘holy grail’ for credit card issuers is that rare human being, the low risk and yet profitable customer. This has led to some black credit card issuers opening up their products to the public in a bid to lure quality customers from their competitors with juicy black card packages.

A typical package of inclusive benefits you’ll find on a good quality black credit card like the NatWest Black Card featured may include:-

Personal Concierge Service

Access to your own Personal Assistant and Travel Advisor on the end of a phone, 24 / 7, 365 days a year. These are experienced and talented people. Task them with assisting you with just about everything from arranging a last minute party for 200 guests in a foreign capital, to finding tickets to that sold out show on your partners birthday. You can ask them for help with anything from sourcing exclusive gifts, to arranging a seat on a flight when the plane is full!

High quality, business grade reporting

Expect to see high quality monthly and online statements with an annual breakdown of your spending in each category of expenditure. This is useful for business people and the self-employed as it makes it easy to claim and classify expenses.

Comprehensive Travel Insurance

Good quality cover for you and your partner. Often includes items that are excluded from other free travel insurances like winter sports cover, cover for the kids, travel accident and multiple trips.

Airport lounge access

Fed up with sitting in busy and stressful public waiting areas at airports. Most black credit cards offer you free airport lounge access even if you happen to be travelling on an economy ticket on that day.

Rewards Points

You’ll be able to accumulate high value rewards points based on your expenditure on a black card which can be exchanged for free travel, shopping, and days or even nights out

Wide ranging personal protection plans

Expect to see things like home emergency service, extended warranties on purchases, roadside assistance and card and fraud protection.

Exclusive offers and opportunities

If you like privileged tickets to sporting or cultural events, or maybe private gallery viewings or wine tastings, black credit cards are for you.

Competitive overall costs

There’s a lot of negative press about annual fees on cards and although you’ll usually be hit with an annual fee with a black card, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the other card charges.

Because the black card issuers only accept those with a good credit background, if you’re not able to clear your balance every month, interest rates tend to be low when compared with ordinary main stream cards.

Critics say that some of the free benefits can be had for less than most card annual fees; not if you add them all together. If you have the kind of life style that means you can take regularly take advantage of all the additional benefits black credit cards offer you, the annual fee can be good value.

The annual fee is there to protect the card issuer from the costs of the free benefits for customers who don’t use the card much. If you use your black card a lot, when annual fee time comes round, a quick call to the card issuers customer service team will normally see the charge refunded.

Free additional card

Most black credit cards offer a free card for your partner on the same account with the same access to all the great inclusive benefits at no extra cost.

To be accepted for a Black Credit Card its likely that you’ll need

  • to have a good, clear credit history going back several years with a normal credit card, preferably from the same issuer as the Black Credit Card you’re considering.
  • a high credit score and to prove a high level of disposable income, black credit cards tend to start with a higher credit limit and therefore you need to show that you can service that higher level of credit. NatWest Black MasterCard requires an income of £75,000 plus.
  • to pay an annual fee, which the card issuers use to offset the “free” benefits many of the cards offer

Unless your spending profile and lifestyle means that you’re going to paying off your balance every month, and that you can really use the inclusive benefits, you maybe better with more miantream credit card. If you’re not sure what kind of card makes best financial sense for you, take a look at Which credit card is best for me?

When you compare the representative APR’s of some black credit cards be prepared for some surprises. Although you normally need a good credit rating to get your hands on these bits of exclusive plastic, the APR’s can look uncompetitive. This is because UK Consumer Credit regulations state that the annual fees many black credit cards charge have to be factored into the quoted APR.

Other Black Credit Cards you may want to consider:
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