Credit Card Issues

Advantages & disadvantages

If you have the consistent income, time and discipline to run credit cards effectively, of course it’s possible to get free month to month credit. These days there’s also the added incentive…

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Can’t get a credit card?

The world of credit cards has changed, these days there are credit cards available for people who have no bank account, and even who have no job or financial status. If you’re worried…

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Credit card surcharge

The credit card surcharge has become an unwelcome sight on many bills, often for transactions it’s important you pay with a credit card, making them difficult to avoid.It’s an area…

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Free credit report & check

If you have a problem with your credit history or just want to find out what the credit reference agencies have on their files about you, you have a statutory right to access that…

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Identity theft

Your personal credit card information and other aspects of your identity are very valuable to fraudsters. Criminals will exploit all the means open to them to steal your identity and personal…

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5 tips to improve credit rating

There are no fixed rules how financial institutions view your credit worthiness, and it’s much harder to improve your credit rating than to lose it! Each lender takes a different view on people’s…

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Internet payment security

Shopping online is growing fast, but so is internet based credit card fraud.Internet shopping and payment security. The credit card companies are working very hard to protect you from the fraudsters…

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Contacts for problems

If you have problems with debts, or you can’t make payments on existing loans or credit cards, don’t worry, there are lots of agencies and organisations out there who can help you get straight…

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Will I get accepted?

If reading our website you’re dazzled by the range of impressive credit card offers you’ve found here, but you’re pondering whether you’d be accepted for the new card you fancy, do a ‘mini personal…

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If you’re having problems or issues with your credit card or your credit card issuer, your first port of call is obviously to talk to the customer service department of the card issuer or bank in question. Their contact details should be listed on their website, or you’ll probably have a phone number on your statement or bill.

If you feel that your issues aren’t being resolved or addressed satisfactorily by the card issuer, you can take your case to The Financial Ombudsman’s Service (FOS). This is a Government appointed body and in the UK, it’s their job to settle complaints and disputes between companies providing financial services and their customers.

The FOS is impartial and independent, and their service is free, but it can take between 6 and 9 months for matters to be resolved.

If you want to get a credit card, but you’re having problems obtaining one, we have some guidance on what to do.

If you’re having problems with incorrect information on your credit file, or you want a free copy of your credit report we can help.

If you just want to improve your credit rating, we have some tips.

Here’s the latest on Internet Shopping and Payment Security .

If you’re having problems with debt, or you can’t pay your credit cards, we can pass on the details of people who can help you.

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