Advantages and Disadvantages

If you have the consistent income, time and discipline to run credit cards effectively, of course it’s possible to get free month to month credit. These days there’s also the added incentive of having a convenient and safe method of  payment online, as well as attractive bonuses like 0% balance transfers, purchase protection insurance, kick-backs like cash-back and charity donations, and personal reward schemes like Air-Miles.

As always when you want to compare financial products, when you compare credit cards our advice is to tip a big dose of reality into making decisions about credit cards. Do you really need them?

Before you look for the best credit cards, is a credit card the right product for you? Just like any other financial instrument, credit cards are a product that the card issuers have designed to tempt you into buying. They know that most customers who have one of their cards, they will make good money on.  Your money!

We’re not knocking them for that, that’s their job – but when looking at applying for credit cards, make sure you factor in the reality of your own financial position and ability to pay back any financial obligations you take on.

Its all about understanding and being realistic about your spending patterns.

We love credit cards, that’s why we created this website. However, in reality, a lot of people apply for credit cards for the wrong reasons, and quickly find the minimum monthly  payments stretch a personal financial budget that’s already tight. If you’re not sure which credit card is suitable for you, take a look at Which credit card is best for me?

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