Can’t Get a Credit Card?

The world of credit cards has changed, these days there are credit cards available for people who have no bank account, and even who have no job or financial status.

If you’re worried if you qualify for a credit card, take a look at our advice page – Will I get accepted?

If you have a poor credit card history, or have debt problems, don’t worry, this isn’t necessarily a problem. There are a number of card issuers out there who specialise in offerings cards for people with a poor or non-existent credit rating. We call these bad credit credit cards.

If you’re new to credit, or just haven’t had time to accumulate a credit history, but have no adverse history of managing credit, you could also consider credit builder credit cards.

If you’ve already been turned down several times for credit cards that actually offer you a line of credit, the good news is there’s now some really innovative credit cards available with no credit check. The best ones even offer you cash back with major retailers.

These cards are called prepaid credit cards, and they’re available to almost anyone.

They clever trick is they don’t really offer you any credit, but they do allow you to access most of the convenient features credit cards offer. Most of them allow you to shop online, and receive purchase protection. You just top the cards up as you would do a pay-as-you-go mobile phone.

All you’ll need to do is prove your identity and where you live.

We’ve assembled a selection of the best prepaid cards, where you can compare the features and costs.

If you need help or advice on debt problems, or you have problems paying your existing credit cards, take a look at the advice we’ve assembled.

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