Useful Contacts If You Have Debt Problems

If you have problems with debts, or you can’t make payments on existing loans or credit cards, don’t worry, there are lots of agencies and organisations out there who can help you get straight. The most important issue is not to ignore the situation and to communicate with someone who can give you expert advice as quickly as possible.

Its probably best to talk to someone impartial first, and they can make you aware of your options and rights before you talk to your lender.

If you have access to the internet, all of the organisations listed here have lots of information and advice on their websites, just follow the links below.

You may want to try:

The National Debt Helpline

You can call them free on 0808 808 4000

or you can try

Consumer Credit Counselling Service

You can call them free on 0800 138 1111

or you can try

Citizens Advice Bureau

You’ll find the telephone number and address of your local branch in the phone book.

These three organisations are all charities, and won’t charge you for their impartial advice. They can help you plan what you’re going to say to any lender if you’re having financial problems, and they’ll also help you plan a way forward and help you to get clear of debt.

Be very cautious of companies advertising online to “clear” or “cancel” your debts. Many of these organisations are in business for their own profit. They’ll charge you a fee and many of them give advice that may complicate your debt problems further, leaving you owing more money than you do already.

What information do credit reference agencies hold on you?

If you have a problem with your credit history or want to find out what the credit reference agencies have on their files about you, you have a statutory right to access that information. Most of it is now available easily online free once you’ve proved who you are. These agencies also offer more in depth credit file information and analysis online, but you may have to pay for it.

Accessing your basic credit report online is free from Experian and Equifax. If you want to write to obtain a copy of your credit report you can do so, if you send in a £2 fee, and proof of your address for the last 3 years.

Call Credit is another agency that can supply the information, but they currently make a charge for this online, and don’t currently provide the service by post.

Check each companies website to see what other information you need to include to get a quick response. Their contact details are:-

Experian Ltd

Consumber Help Service
P O Box 8000
NG80 7WF

If you want to telephone Experian to order a credit report telephone 08 44 481 8000

If you want help to set-up accessing your credit report online you can call free on 0800 656 9000

Equifax PLC

Credit File Advice Centre
P O Box 1140

If you want to telephone Equifax to order a credit report telephone 08 44 41 46 073

Call Credit Ltd

One Park Lane
West Yorks

If you want to telephone Call Credit to order a credit report telephone 0870 060 1414

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