Win an iPad 2 with a Virgin Holiday Card

3rd May 2011  

Sorry the iPad 2 Competition is now closed, but don’t overlook the benefits of the Virgin Prepaid Holiday Money Card

The Easter holiday and Spring break are behind us, the Royal Wedding is last week’s news, and many of us are thinking about our time-honoured summer holiday for something to look forward to.

If like us you’ll be working to a tight budget for your summer getaway, here’s an idea that will potentially save you 3% to 6% of your spending money if you use a traditional credit card.

Our money saving tip stems from the fact that most mainstream credit cards charge you a whopping 2.5% to 3% surcharge if you use them abroad. If you draw foreign currency in cash from an ATM or bank abroad, that could add a further 2.5% to 3% surcharge to the amount withdrawn.

British holiday makers spend on average £60 per person, per day when abroad. For a traditional 2 week break, that’s a total of £840. If you were to spend that £840 on your average British credit card, you’d lose around £25.20 just in charges. For a family of 4 that’s over £100.

Start drawing some of that money out in cash, and you could be faced with over £200 in (unbudgeted) charges. (Many credit cards make a minimum charge of £3 per transaction so the 3% isn’t all you could end up paying).

So how do you get round that? Well for some time we’ve been championing overseas credit cards. These are just cards that give you a much better deal when you use them abroad.

The new kid on the block is the Virgin Prepaid Travel Money Card, and as we’ve come to expect from the team at Virgin Money this new card has some cracking benefits.

The Virgin Prepaid Travel Money Card has been specially designed for UK consumers on holiday. It’s a prepaid payment card, not a credit card. It’s issued in either Euros (€) or US Dollars ($) so you need to be travelling to a location where either of these are the main currencies to make it worthwhile.

You load your spending money onto the card before you travel, once you get there, you can buy goods and services in the currency (€ or $) the card’s issued in with no foreign currency surcharge.

The card is FREE, and as it carries the VISA logo, it’s accepted pretty much anywhere in the world.

Virgin Prepaid Travel Money Card – Key features at a glance

  • Safer than carrying cash – all the usual payment card protection
  • Reduced ATM charges over mainstream credit cards, just 1.5%*
  • No application fee – FREE to apply for and own
  • No commission or FX surcharge on goods and purchases
  • More convenient and quicker than travellers cheques
  • Available in Euros (€) or US Dollars ($)
  • FREE second, emergency card
  • Accepted in most countries around the world – issued under VISA
  • Wide range of discounts across the Virgin Group of Companies

If you want to know more about the Virgin Prepaid Travel Money Card, take a look!. Don’t forget, its FREE to own and set-up.

*Although it’s a great all round package, there are similar cards we offer which may give you lower charges if you plan to regularly make cash withdrawals. Check them out in our overseas credit cards tables.

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