How to use the Cardchoices website


  • We’ve listed credit cards in groups to help you find the deal you want.
  • Click on the type of credit card you’re looking for, and you’ll see all the cards listed for you to review.
  • We order the list by picking the best cards in each category and posting them at the top of the list. This information is updated daily.
  • Each card we list has its own mini-feature divided into 3 tabs. On the front Key Points (default) tab we list the key positive and negative points about each card. Obviously there are other related bits of information you may want to know, so there’s more in depth card detail and facts in the Summary and lastly a Review explaining where the card fits into the market.
  • If you don’t really know what kind of credit card you’re looking for, first take a look at Which credit card is best for me?
  • If you want to see the detailed Terms and Conditions, or you want to apply for the card, click “More Info”.

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Cardchoices is an independent UK based credit card comparison site where you can get up to date facts of the market leading credit cards, and also find up to date information and news that affects you as a credit card user.

Cardchoices isn’t tied to any one credit card issuer or bank, meaning you can check out our information on the latest credit cards safe in the knowledge that we’re impartial.

Our mission is to make it simple for you to find all the data you need to be fully informed the best offers on credit cards, and to quickly and safely apply and be accepted online.

The idea is that you can look at the links across to the left, and go straight into a list of types of credit card you want to evaluate.

Every month we publish the latest Credit Card News from around the industry, giving you up to date facts on changes to credit card legislation, as well as technological developments in the electronic payment market.

We regularly update our information on Identity Theft, Internet Shopping Security and tips on how to manage and improve your credit rating.

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