Cheap credit card loans

Cheap Credit Card Loans, surely there’s a catch! Some say that credit cards are an expensive way to borrow money, well not necessarily. We’ve researched the best credit card offers…

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A short history

Unbelievably, the concept of credit cards was predicted in Edward Bellamy’s Utopian novel “Looking Backward: 2000 – 1887”. The book was first published in 1888 and apparently had…

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Little known facts

We’ve assembled some important facts here that many people aren’t aware of. This information helps you to get the best out of your credit cards, and stay financially in control…

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Credit cards abroad

Using your Credit Cards Abroad can be the most convenient, and safest way for you to pay for goods and service. You need to be aware though that many credit card companies impose stiff…

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Positive payment order

The term Positive Payment Order, or Positive Payment Hierarchy as it’s sometimes called, is a relatively new concept and refers to the practice of allocating credit card holders…

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Rate tarting

As the phrase so eloquently suggests, rate tarting is all about regularly and freely comparing the market, and switching debt or credit card balances to follow the best interest…

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Stoozing is a credit card market ‘slang’ phrase that’s been adopted into popular culture. Stoozing refers to the practice of borrowing money using introductory offers on (usually) 0% on money…

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What happens if I click…

Cardchoices as part of putting together the content in this website to help you compare credit cards carries advertising and links for some credit card issuers and other relevant…

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Which card is best for me?

Commentators are quick to knock credit cards for their reputation for tempting people into expensive debt, but in reality credit cards offer an ultra convenient and secure payment…

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Credit cards can be so useful, but like any financial tool, you need to understand credit cards and the legal framework they work in to get the best out of them.

Here at Cardchoices, we’ve collected together all the product information to help you get the best credit card deals but there’s some background reading here as well. This will help you to manage your your credit card account effectively and save money on unnecessary charges.

We have a section on getting the best out of balance transfer credit cards.

Take a look at our new feature on cheap credit card loans that will save you money over most personal loans.

When you compare credit cards, don’t just look at the numbers, take a look at the background facts we’ve collected here that will help you to be fully informed on the market, the advantages and disadvantages, and the small print before you compare credit cards deals. Understand what the move to positive payment order means to you, and how much money it will save you.

You can see on our credit card history page how the products have evolved and a note of the latest developments and this is updated every month.

We’ve been asked a lot recently to compare Black Credit Cards, and so take a look at the outline we’ve put together on that growing part of the market.

Also before you compare credit card deals, did you know that the purchase protection insurance we now all take for granted on UK credit cards also applies to purchases you make abroad? More in our Little Known Facts section!

We’ve also added a section on Identity Theft which we find we get asked an increasing amount about.

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