What happens if I click “apply”?

Cardchoices as part of putting together the content in this website to help you compare credit cards carries advertising and links for some credit card issuers and other relevant companies.

If you compare credit cards on our website, and you click the ‘More Info‘ button and follow through and apply for one of these cards or services, it ‘s possible that Cardchoices may get a commission.

This is a small amount, and doesn’t affect the deal you get from the card issuer, the interest rate or charges offered to you if you are accepted for the card. We don’t take any commission or remuneration for our listing of charity credit cards.

In the true spirit of independence and impartiality, we also list and provide links to enable you to compare credit cards that we don’t receive any commission or benefit from as well to ensure that you get a balanced picture.

Receiving these small commissions does help us to offset our costs in setting up the website and our ongoing research into finding and publishing the information. We also work hard on your behalf collecting data that may affect how you view the various credit card deals, the card issuers, their customer service and their charges.

We also provide credit card news on the latest legislation changes that affect the credit card market.

We hope you think that’s a fair deal!

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